One to one sessions take place within a school setting using the Thrive Approach philosophy of exploring feelings, emotions and how children react to the world around them .

Using play, the outdoors, games and  art and crafts to build a strong, safe and trusted relationship where children are able to practice the skills they need to develop without the gaze of their peers as the learn new ways to recognise, understand and make choices about their behaviour and feelings.


Included within all packages;

  • Observation and assessment of child(ren) taking part in the intervention

  • Assessment of the child(ren) using the Thrive Approach assessment tool, this also includes training for key staff linked to the child(ren) who will be involved in their assessment

  • Creation of Thrive  Action Plans every 6 weeks to determine the activities within the 1 to 1 sessions to nurture and grow gaps in social and emotional development

  • Planning, reviewing and recording of all sessions in line with GDPR.

  • All art and play materials

  • The intervention offers 1:1 sessions of 30 mins per week with the child (initially), which may increase to a maximum of 45 min where needed). Packages are for either 6 or 12 weeks.

  • Groups sessions for those at the correct developmental stage (groups of up to 4)

  • * Thrive Online licenses

  • * Liaison throughout the intervention with key staff and adults

  • * Feedback from children at the end of the intervention

  • * A final intervention report and case study for each child which highlights progress and show impact of   the intervention which can be shared with other professionals and support agencies

  • * A review meeting with key members of staff and adults 

COST: From £30 per hour

Prices are available upon request and vary depending whether work is with one or more children. Individualised quotes will be given to each school in order to offer a bespoke package dependent on needs, as well as size of school.

Prices also include all non contact time with child

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